ARKPRES is Safety: Belt manufacturer relies on the capabilities of the Compact Impact Sled

ARKPRES has invested in the state-of-the-art MESSRING CIS sled system in search of a powerful solution for testing various products. With a test focus on seat belts, airplane seats, car seats, child seats and car batteries, ARKPRES plans to conduct over 1,500 tests in 2024 alone.

The decision to choose MESSRING over other manufacturers was influenced by several factors:

A focus on safety

ARKPRES’ primary focus on seat belts required a testing system that could provide accurate and comprehensive results. MESSRING’s system is perfectly suited to ARKPRES’ needs. The CIS sled system with its high test frequency and excellent pulse reproduction accuracy, meets all of ARKPRES’ specific requirements to ensure the effectiveness and quality control of their seat belts.

Wide range of testing options

In addition to seat belts, ARKPRES also tests airplane seats, car seats, child seats and car batteries. The versatility of the MESSRING CIS sled system played a crucial role in the selection process for the new test system. Its adaptability and precision make it the ideal solution for companies such as ARKPRES, enabling tests of different components in accordance with the relevant standards.

ARKPRES plans to carry out over 1,500 test runs in 2024 alone. This approach ensures that all product lots undergo a thorough evaluation and directly contributes to the company’s commitment to quality and safety. The efficiency and reliability of CIS are critical to achieving such ambitious testing targets.

We had a great cooperation from the beginning to the end of the project. Our teams worked very well together and the communication was very good. We can highly recommend MESSRING to any company looking to buy a sled system. We are very happy how everything went. If we ever want to invest in a larger sled, MESSRING will be our first choice.

Burak Kasim, General Manager ARKPRES