Testing Services

MESSRING offers not only testing equipment and facility construction but also testing services on the Compact Impact Sled (CIS) sled system.
Unique added value through flexible and rapid test execution

The CIS sled system from MESSRING is characterized by its flexible application options and short cycle times. It can accommodate payloads of up to 1.5 tons or 80 G with a payload of 200 kg, allowing entire car bodies to be used as test objects. The system’s cycle time is less than 10 minutes, ensuring fast and efficient test execution.

Technical excellence for the highest standards

MESSRING provides all necessary equipment in-house, including camera and lighting technology as well as data acquisition. This enables comprehensive and customized test support—from consultation and setup to execution and documentation of tests. The qualified and experienced team ensures that all tests meet the highest quality and competency standards.

Practical benefits and high availability

The facility (CIS) can be booked flexibly, allowing optimal use of available capacity and easy compensation for downtime of internal facilities. Highest precision and reliability are guaranteed thanks to Tisax certification and the use of Dakks-calibrated measuring instruments.