MEMRECAM GO-4K – Smart High Speed Camera System

High-speed imaging plays a pivotal role in crash testing by providing invaluable insights into the dynamics of collisions and their effects on vehicles and occupants. High-speed cameras capture rapid events with exceptional detail, allowing engineers to analyze impact forces, deformation patterns, and occupant kinematics with precision. These cameras enable researchers to observe critical moments of a crash sequence, such as vehicle deformation, airbag deployment, and seatbelt engagement, in slow motion, revealing intricate interactions that may influence safety performance.
By scrutinizing high-speed footage, engineers can refine vehicle designs, assess structural integrity, and develop advanced safety systems to enhance occupant protection and mitigate injury risks during real-world collisions.

In the field of inspection and analysis, the nac Memrecam GO-4K emerges by offering unparalleled ease of use and versatility. With its compact and lightweight design, this camera is suitable for various testing scenarios, and its distribution by MESSRING in the European and Indian markets ensures widespread accessibility to cutting-edge technology.
The all new 4K model of the MEMRECAM GO series: the GO-4K Smart High-Speed Camera, is equipped with a 10-megapixel high-definition sensor on a new technology platform that delivers 1,000 fps at 4608×2176 pixels. The GO-4K keeps high image quality in wide-field-of-view shooting which improves the accuracy of image analysis.

Compact & Lightweight: Where Space Matters

The nac Memrecam GO-4K boasts a compact and lightweight camera body, measuring at a mere 128×128×135mm and weighing only 2.9kg. This exceptional portability allows for effortless installation even in locations with limited space, making it a highly adaptable solution across diverse research fields. Regardless of the testing environment, this camera ensures easy setup without compromising on quality.

Easy Operation: Control at Your Fingertips

Gone are the days of complex control software and dedicated devices. The nac Memrecam GO-4K offers unparalleled convenience with its easy operation, allowing users to control the camera directly from a mobile device or PC via a simple web browser. This means that you can make setting adjustments and capture footage with ease, all without the need for specialized software. A Wi-Fi router is all you need to take command of this impressive camera..

Easy Connector Access: Seamless Integration

The nac Memrecam GO-4K features a connector that allows for seamless synchronization with existing camera models. This feature simplifies the integration process, ensuring compatibility and ease of use when working with multiple cameras. With easily accessible ports, this camera simplifies the setup and synchronization process and allows researchers to focus on the actual testing

Outdoor Use & Narrow Spaces: Unleashing Possibilities

In applications where power availability is a concern, the nac Memrecam GO-4K truly shines. Its battery-operated capability makes it perfect for outdoor use, removing the limitations of power sources. The camera’s ability to instantly power on without the need for cables further enhances its convenience, minimizing setup time and allowing for swift data capture. With IDX battery support, the camera has a reliable power source for uninterrupted image recording.

Data Saves to SSD: Simplified Workflow

The nac Memrecam GO-4K offers a PC-less operation, making it incredibly user-friendly. Equipped with an SSD, this camera allows for seamless data storage and retrieval, eliminating the need for a computer during testing. Additionally, adjusting the imaging view becomes a breeze, thanks to the camera’s compatibility with smartphones and tablets. This user-friendly feature allows for easy monitoring and adjustments, putting control in the palm of your hand.

Controllable, adaptable and reproducible

As a rule, for different crash test scenarios, areas between 8 and 24 m² must achieve an average illuminance of approx. 100,000 to 120,000 lux to meet the extremely short shutter speeds of high-speed cameras for high-quality recordings. With the M=LIGHT Evo, powerful and flicker-free lighting with daylight color temperature can be ensured. In flash mode, the M=LIGHT Evo unleashes its full power; the microsecond-accurate flash frequencies – with up to 25,000 fps – are stepless adjustable between 20 and 500 µs and deliver even more than double the light output in the peak ranges. Thanks to the synchronization of lamp and camera shutter, light is available exactly when it is needed. This ensures consistent exposure of images even at high frame rates.

Modular and compatible

The M=LIGHT Evo is available with beam angles of 37°, 56° and 71° and can be adapted to a wide variety of facility situations and applications. Whether large-area car-to-car tests involving large lamp groups on movable light frames or airbag deployment tests with a smaller test setup, thanks to the modular connectivity using the daisy chain method, optimum lighting intensity is always feasible. In addition, the M=LIGHT Evo is fully compatible with the predecessor model M=LIGHT LED.

In summary, the nac Memrecam GO-4K revolutionizes the way testing is conducted, offering a seamless user experience and unmatched convenience. Its compact and lightweight design, easy operation via web browsers, and connector access for synchronization enable effortless integration into various testing scenarios. With its outdoor-use capability, battery operation, and SSD storage, this camera further enhances flexibility and streamlines workflows