Innovative solutions for crash facilities

MESSRING´s Static Rollover Systems

MESSRING´s Static Rollover System offers a comprehensive solution for conducting post-crash analysis on larger vehicles such as vans and transporters. The system adheres to the UN ECE R34, ERA GLONASS, FMVSS301 and 305 protocols, making it suitable for evaluating the post-crash leakage of vehicles. The system’s specifications are impressive. It can handle test objects measuring 6 x 2.3 x 3.2m and support a maximum test object weight of up to 5,500kg. Notably the control cabinet is now separate from the static rollover frame, optimizing space and providing greater accessibility during testing.

With its precise control concept, the Static Rollover System boasts several advanced functionalities, including automatic positioning in 90° steps for leakage tests according to FMVSS301/305 and ERA GLONASS protocols. In emergencies, a rapid traverse function enables the vehicle to return at 6°/s to the 0° position. Additionally, engineers have the flexibility to position the vehicle at any angle with selectable speed, which is conveniently controlled through an intuitive touch display.

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